NEP 2020- A Ray of Hope

Major Challenges In Implementation Of NEP 2020 | Kashmir Observer

Today, I am going to highlight about something that every Indian student should know because this is something very much important for our future. It is related to our education. No, it is not about our schools opening because that is not happening anytime soon, but its about something what may make our education system much better and that is NEP or New Education policy 2020. Friends lets be honest, we all know that our existing education system is not up to the mark as it should be. This system has always focused on teaching us ‘what’  rather than ‘why’ or ‘how’. 

Education is essential for a life-long learning, but in the Indian Education System it is all about mugging up and vomiting it out in the exams just for the sake of passing it. But have we ever thought that how it is useful in the life after school or college?  The new education policy has just come up like a ray of hope to widen this narrow path of our education system.

Our current education system in 30 seconds! I Rote Learning Vs Excited  Learning - YouTube

The new education policy votes for the system that focuses on vocational learning, in other words practical knowledge rather than the theory.

This type of education is given in developed countries like Finland, Germany and USA which are leading in education. Currently, our education system was divided in to 10+2 format which was preparatory and main school but NEP will break the format of the education into 5+3+3+4. Let us look at how it works. The government has added two more classes to the preparatory school i.e. classes nursery, kindergarten, prep, Class 1st and Class 2nd will sum up and make 5 years of it. these 5 years focus to enhance and improve the language skills of the students so that they can acquire knowledge using that particular language.

When the students step into class 3 they will be taught fundamentals and basics of the subjects till class 5. From class 6 to 8 the students will be learning about different subjects may it be botany, zoology, polyscience etc. so that they find the subject of their interest. Plus, the practical knowledge will be given to the students along with internships for electrician, plumber, gardener and other basic jobs.  Our current education system does not educate children with any of these essential internships. In these three years students are also introduced to coding for their brain development. Now,  the last phase of the school consists of 4 classes 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th.

These 4 years will empower the students to select any of the subject  of their choice from academic or co-curricular activities which they would like to make a career out of it. This means that you can combine the subjects of Arts, Commerce and Science all together along with co-curricular subjects to make a new combo. But is this possible today? I think you all know the answer.

  This NEP brings an advantage for the students to study in their mother tongue or regional language up till 5th class.  This is a great idea to prevent our native languages from going extinct. And another great point in the education policy is that at the end of the year when the students are handed over their evaluation report of the whole year, the students will also have a chance to evaluate themselves on the basis of how they did all around the year.  

The Difference Between Knowledge And Skills: Knowing Does Not Make You  Skilled - eLearning Industry

Now talking about the changes made in form of graduation are also some valuable topics to discuss about so let us start. One of the best changes in the higher education is that students have an option to leave a course due to some reasons, the student will receive a certificate if he has completed 1 year of course, an advance diploma if he has completed 2 years of course, a bachelor’s degree if completed 3 years of course and a bachelor’s research degree for 4 years, these changes are not feasible in the current system and such students are considered as dropouts.

The 4 years degree also makes the student eligible for Ph.D. without doing M.Phil. so, M.Phil. is completely out of the way.  The student has also an option to go with multiple entry and exit wherein a student can leave his course due to some reasons and again re-join from the same point.

This change is again not putting a batch of dropout on the students like the existing education system. Students will also have an option to change their stream amidst their course.

The government will be also be canning down the high college fees to a limited amount so that everyone can have the opportunity to seek higher education but right now these colleges are just running a business, bringing them a whole lot of profits. Indian colleges will also have permission to open their branches in other countries and the government will also be selecting colleges from foreign countries with a well organised education system and allow them to open a branch here.

Redesigning College Admission: COVID-19, Access And Equity

These changes are essential for an education system which is even lacking to provide practical knowledge to children from internships to giving the freedom to choose any subject out of which a student wants to make a career.

NEP has really entered like a ray of hope which may change our future forever in a positive way. I hope that the implementation of this idea is as perfect as it looks on the paper and solidifies the  base for the students to develop much faster as well as our country to prosper.

A Ray of Hope can Change your Life - Make Me Better

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Every Life Counts

“An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Racism, an ideology which has taken a form of a dangerous pathogen, killing people physically and emotionally. Racism is a strange belief of a human which makes one judge people on the basis of race and this pathogen has taken the lives of hundreds and thousands of innocent people worldwide from past many centuries. It has not only made people suffer but has also filled others with vengeance and retaliation. Racism has led to more and more chaos among the people and has crossed all the thresholds over the past few years and its devastating for our present as well as future.  

The future of this earth is children, even today in many parts of this world these children are instead of living in a better environment have to live in a world full of this dangerous pathogen. These children who could be great leaders are suffering because of racism. If they are the ones who are suffering then the technological advancements and development are of no use. We need to think that in what type of world should we bring up a child- in a racist one or in an unbiased one.

I think the unbiased one because I don’t want them to face racism just like George Floyd did. He was a 46 years old American, working as a restaurant guard who was killed by some police officers just because he was black. This is not only limited to America but is also widespread in countries like India. In these tough times of Covid-19, instead of supporting each other we are discriminating and insulting the North- East Indians just because of their looks . If it goes this way only then there would be no need for the climate change to attack us because by that time this dangerous pathogen known as racism will itself cause chaos in the human civilization and will ultimately result to our extinction.

When nature treats all the creatures and organisms on Earth equally by providing us with equal resources to sustain and survive then who are we to discriminate among ourselves. Why are we shifting from ‘Us’ to ‘Me’? Why are we focusing on race when we are the same species?

If we claim ourselves literate then that doesn’t matter because it is not the literacy which will lead to a better world, it is the humanity in us which will lead to a better world. For breaking the barrier of racism, we need to open the doors of humanity to do so. If we can’t open the doors of humanity then, what right do we have to say that we are the humans.

Ladies and gentlemen, I need to ask you all  that if humans are considered to be the most intelligent species on this planet then  would I be writing this blog on racism, would I be spreading awareness about the global issues in the world, would I be planting trees to save the world? I think the answer is no. Why? Because if we were the most intelligent species then we would know how to sustain without any discrimination in the society. No Color coding can co-exist with humanity at any cost.

Though, the silver line of this dark cloud is that we still have a chance to turn it upside down and end racism. But the million lives question is that how do we end this dangerous pathogen and wipe it out from the blue planet. Well, as the saying goes that a revolution starts from home. We need to make ourselves and others aware to treat each and everyone around us equally.

I, AARAV SETH,  11 year old boy like to ask you all mindfully which kind of world are you going to leave for us where people are still struggling for their acceptance.  Why are you giving your dirt to us to clean it? We need to change our mindsets to remove misconceptions based on gender, caste, color, religion, geographies. Let’s come forward to contain this life-threatening pathogen otherwise the world may not be able to sustain itself and collapse.

Well I expect to be in the world in which Humanity & Equality should be priority of our world & it needs contribution from each of us.

Can you help me to fulfil your contribution in shaping the better world now and leave behind a better future for us and the generations after us, can you?


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CUSP – A Pandemic

The world is hit by a pandemic! 190 countries are at war against coronavirus. Thousands of cases are spiking every day all around the world. Hundreds are dying each day. This pandemic has led the prime minister of the largest democracy in the world to announce a total lockdown in the country. All the railway… Continue reading CUSP – A Pandemic

The Complete Man – Ram

Hello everyone,

I  dedicate this blog to a man who left all his joy and luxury of being a king, a man who didn’t even hesitate to go on an exile for 14 years,  a man who is known to defeat the greatest demon king Ravana to get back the love of his life, a man whose story is written in almost all the languages of the world and is one of the greatest Hindu epics. Yes, he is nonetheless the complete man Ram. Inspired by the recent telecast of Ramayan on Doordarshan, I thought to write about the EPIC STRUGGLE OF THE COMPLETE MAN  and bring some doozy good qualities about ram which distinguishes him from everyone. I would request all you to go through the entire story and pay attention to his teachings even if you believe him or no as I have tried to bring some learnings and facts which are valid even in today’s world.


According to Hindu mythology, Ram was 7th avatar of Lord Vishnu, born in form of a human being. He is known for his bravery and valour but, especially his kindness and politeness. His journey is full of teachings that can make a person a complete man. Ram is not just a name it is the biggest dream that the mankind has ever seen through its eyes. There are endless qualities that ram enlightens us with but to illustrate ram as most forgiving, compassionate, obedient, kind-hearted, giving equality and respect to others I like to touch upon these qualities in form of short stories which, I gathered from Ramayan. In my perspective, these short stories are some best analogies for my learning which sound meaningful even today.

Born in Ayodhya, Ram was the prince charming of the kingdom. he was dearest to all.  He loved his stepmothers even more than her own mother & gave equal respect to all.

Ram Dashrath Kakeiy

When Ram’s father Dasharatha exiled him to the forest for 14 years to keep his promise made to his wife Kaikei, Ram accepted it without any arguments and hesitations and went to the forest with his wife Sita and brother Lakshman. There they faced many struggles and obstacles, but ram never blamed her stepmother Kaikei for any of this He loved her as much as he loved her before, even after his father died in agony calling him back. He even counselled his brother Bharat not to insult his own mother as she is the one who has given him birth such kind acts of ram make him full of forgiveness. On his journey during his exile, he met his old friend Nishad Raj. He was a King of the Mallaya tribe whom people considered as untouchables and dirty people, whereas ram found him as equivalent as his own brother Lakshman. This incidence lessons us to treat everyone equally irrespective of their caste and religion, which we still miss in the 21st Century.


Shabri who belonged to a hunter’s clan which she abandoned due to her averse to killing and causing harm to animals and devoted her life in cleaning & housekeeping of a hermitage.  She was also an ardent devotee of Ram and was waiting all over years for an opportunity to meet Ram. When Ram & Laxman came to the hermitage.  Shabari offered the berries to Ram with great devotion. in order to source the best ones, she would bite them and check before offering them to the lord. Ram without any unwillingness ate the berries with a smile on his face.  This is another teaching which enlightens us that we should be kind to those who are considered as unworthy for the society. Today, are we courageous enough to reciprocate one’s love and respect in the same manner as Ram did?


When ram was in search of his wife Sita he met Sugriva.  Sugriva was ostracized and humiliated by his brother Bali who was the embodiment of strength and even enslaved Sugreev’s wife, Ruma. Fear from Bali led Sugreev to live his life in caves of Rishimukh mountains (in Karnataka) in order to save himself.


Ram knew that Bali was a powerful as well as the king of Kishkindha, he had even defeated once Ravana in combat. If Ram had approached to Bali in the spirit of friendship, Bali could have brought Sita in a day from the clutches of Ravana.

Though, a person whose wife has been stolen and is wandering in the forest would always wish to befriend with king Bali to get his wife back. but, Ram, being the most compassionate did nothing sort of this, he did friendship with Sugriva to make him fearless, to restore his wife Ruma, his kingdom and his pride.

if ram had befriended Bali to get his own wife Sita, then how justice would have been brought to Sugriva and his wife Ruma?

Ram helped Sugreev to get justice by ending the life of Bali & making him the king of Khiskinda. These monkeys were found as uncivilized by the society, but Ram took help of these monkeys to defeat the demon king Ravan. This reveals us to avoid stereotypes and judging people on the base of their appearance or their profession.


You might be thinking that all this is merely an ideology which is difficult to implement in this world, but let’s take the example of Mahatma Gandhi’s Freedom fight to get our nation free from British Rule. His fight was crystal clear on the path of Ram. He always wanted non-violent freedom from British just like Ram when he wanted to have a treaty with Ravan even before the war. Gandhiji followed Ram’s suite by embracing the unprivileged people of the society without any discrimination & irrespective of caste and religion.

With this I would like to conclude that Ram is not the one who fulfil our goal, he is the one who helps us to reach our goals. In other words, Ram is not the light which enables us to see through the darkness, Ram is the sight that helps us tear the darkness and reach our destiny.

raja ram

Thank You

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CUSP – A Pandemic


The world is hit by a pandemic! 190 countries are at war against coronavirus. Thousands of cases are spiking every day all around the world. Hundreds are dying each day. This pandemic has led the prime minister of the largest democracy in the world to announce a total lockdown in the country. All the railway stations, metros, airports, restaurants religious places and schools are shut down due to this wild chaos in the country. Till now, all the people were earning a livelihood, taking care of the needs of their loved ones, living their normal lives and suddenly this teeny tiny virus which is capable of killing millions of people has stopped all this. Time seems to slow down during such uncertain times in a house arrest. I have never stayed in my home for such a long time due to such bad conditions. This seems a little strange to me as I am not used to silence in the environment, no vehicles going past the road for hours and birds chirping in the morning. There was so much work to our routine and now it is like that it has just faded away in the thin air. I think that our generation might have witnessed a curfew for the first time. I wasn’t convinced with being in my home for weeks as all my plans to hang out with my friends for which I pleaded my parents to give permission for, got canceled at once. In the first few days, I was getting bored and I thought I would die of boredom, but after beating my brains out I figured out something to do. I started reading books, watched Netflix for hours, surfed through the internet about the new cases of COVID-19, spent time with my parents and started doing daily chores. Well, this lockdown has given us plenty of time to spend with our family. It’s the best time to take those games out which we all love to play. Monopoly, Tombola, Carom, Ludo are some amazing family games. And how can I forget cards and UNO. In these tough times, social media has played an important role in connecting the people all around the world and entertained us while there is nothing to do in our house arrest. I wondered if the virus would have been in the pre-social media age, then how would they have managed to entertain themselves and how students would have managed to stay updated with the new grade syllabus. Well, that must have been a big problem for the people back then. We all should be grateful that we are living in the internet age and that we have all the resources to entertain ourselves and connect to others. But, the thing that I am most grateful that we are promoted to the next grade without even our exam results. Since we all have been promoted to new grades, and for the first time I have borrowed books from my senior and for the first time I have lent my old set of books to my friend who has just climbed to grade VI.


Interestingly this lockdown has brought certain forced changes in my habits while having food I have to be more attentive than earlier because I am afraid that my mom’s eyes which are even sharper than Sherlock Holmes would spot the spilled food on the floor which will result in a 30 minutes lecture along with the punishment of cleaning the mess. Another good habit I have developed these days of washing hands and sanitizing my house otherwise, my hands are always messy. The best thing about a house arrest is that you do not have to wake early in the morning, you can always wake up whenever you want to. These days people are making instrumental noises with their utensils while standing in the balcony. some of them really think that Coronavirus will die in agony after banging their utensils. But I think they are rather disturbing the peace of the environment. We can utilize this perfect time to discover our new hobbies like reading, drawing, dancing, etc while we cannot get out and stretch our legs.  I have seen that the whole of YouTube is hyped with memes of coronavirus. It is good to have a sense of humor in such tough times, but friends we should not take this virus lightly. People are also sending WhatsApp messages related to recent news about the corona. They are just determined to spread negativity and scare people’s minds. I don’t even like to take a glance at such messages. Now, even the media is making more noise about this pandemic than it really should. They just blabber about it every second. I think we should rather engage our minds with polishing our forgotten skills like vocal music, instrumental music, gardening, painting skills and many more. This lockdown has benefitted us in terms of the environment. Roads are having rest as there are fewer cars running on them, all the industries and factories are shut, clearance of forests is on halt. This has lowered the rate of pollution in the environment. The hazy night sky of Delhi NCR is now brightened up with hundreds of stars, turtles are coming to the Orissa beaches for laying their eggs after many decades. This determines that nature is reclaiming its space which we have occupied and destroyed. Nature has warned us of the destruction that we are causing. We should all take this warning as a lesson and work to build a better environment.



The lesson that I have learnt amidst this Pandemic Cusp is that life is precious and temporary and we should always remember to take care of us and our loved ones. Though we are new to such unprecedented and uncertain situations but we should be prepared to face such challenges. This disease treats us all equally. And if we are exposed to such a dangerous infection then it might cost our precious lives. Still, in between this massive pandemic, there are still some guards, policemen and healthcare workers who are on their duty for our safety and protection. We all should thank them for being the unsung heroes we need during these bitter days. With this, I would like to conclude that, coronavirus is the fruit of our destructing actions. Nature has punished us for our bad deeds against the environment in the form of coronavirus which is killing hundreds of thousands of people. I hope that the world will recover from this pandemic soon but the damage done has made a clear picture in our minds about the calamities that may occur in the future. But we need to make sure that the world should not face such situations in the coming years. Remember, after the storm the blue sky and the sun will surely come back.


Thank you and stay safe.



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The Flowing Treasure

Nearly everything about contemporary human life needs to change if we are to seriously address the multiple environmental crises that are facing the planet, but today I will focus on just one topic: River-Yamuna

Image result for yamuna pollution

Yamuna River is the second-largest and longest tributary of river Ganges. It has a stretch of 1376km which makes it the fifth-largest river. In India, Yamuna is not only a river, but it is also worshipped as a goddess. It covers 7.70% 0f the total geographical area of the country. Yamuna river flows through Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Delhi, and Uttar Pradesh before meeting with Ganga. Along with having such qualities, Yamuna holds the title of the most polluted river which is not at all appreciable. Yamuna is the lifeline of crores of people and also supports the lifestyle of various aquatic animals, without Yamuna our national capital will turn in to a barren land. This holy river flows 10,000 cube billion meters (CBM) of water out of which 4,000cbm of water is used in irrigation and it also provides 70% of potable water to Delhi.

Image result for yamuna pollution

There are hundreds of human activities that are making the condition of Yamuna worse than ever. Delhi holds only 2% of the landmass and has caused 70% of the total pollution of Yamuna. Due to the dumping of industrial waste and untreated sewage, illegal sand mining, poor waste management, immersion of idols during religious ceremonies like chatth pooja, ganesh utsav etc, cutting of trees and many more exercises have resulted making Yamuna most polluted river in India.



The major factor for such severe condition of this divine river is lack of awareness in people. The government has spent 100s of crores in cleaning of Yamuna but the circumstances are still getting worse day by day. Several rural areas are dependent on this river. Tons of untreated waste have caused a great negative impact on aquatic animals and people. Extensive use of plastic, traps the water in it and stops the flow of water which also makes it hazardous for the aquatic life and humans. This is affecting both productivity and employment. Many farms are using this polluted water, which is worsening the condition of the vegetables and fishermen have already suffered from a huge loss due to the lack of fishes in Yamuna.Image result for yamuna pollution

The colour of Yamuna is no longer blue, it is Deep, Dark Black. Our holy river is at the edge of dying and we humans are still ignorant about such a disaster. We are still not serious about our river’s situation and are not able to imagine about disaster that will occur when Yamuna’s water will be completely polluted. Time is not far when this river will turn into a dry, barren, polluted land full of plastic and we will be ashamed to tell our children that we could not save  Yamuna due to our carelessness. How can we kill our holy river which we worship and treat her like a goddess? If we do not take right measures now then we will regret for rest of our life. It’s a high time to stand together so that we can give a better environment to the next generation and other generations after them. Me and my team clean the bank of Yamuna every week but we end up cleaning more garbage the next week. I sometimes ponder that how heedless humans are to bring our goddess in such a poor state. We still have some time to save it from dying by putting all our efforts towards the cleanliness of Yamuna. First of all, we need to aware as many people as possible through the medium of social media, posters, workshops or awareness programmes on environment etc so that they can also contribute in saving Yamuna.

IMG-20190829-WA0016Secondly, we should necessitate planting trees on the banks of the river under a span of one kilometer as they contribute to keeping the flow of the rivers well. Treatment plants should work all the time in order to treat the untreated waste from the sewage which is being dumped in Yamuna. We must also reduce the usage of plastic so that those packets, plastic bags, and bottles do not end up making our river toxic and threatening the marine life. Illegal sand mining should be stopped as they disturb the river bed leading to degradation of rivers, erosion of banks and making it deeper with an enlarged mouth. We should think of alternatives of immersing idols of God other than the river.

IMG-20191208-WA0021Government should take stricter actions against such industries which discard their chemical waste in rivers which jeopardize the lives of various aquatic species. These steps should be taken in no time in order to keep the holiness of this river forever.  The river Yamuna is counting on us to save her. We should not disappoint her, otherwise, millions will have no supply of water and thousands will die of thirst. We owe our goddess a lot already so let’s do a little for this flowing treasure of India. I, now ask you all to make a wise choice: DO OR DIE.

 River is more than an amenity, it is a treasure.


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Three-finger salute (CTRL+ALT+DEL)


The idea to use this key combination as a way to reboot a system originated with an IBM engineer, David Bradley, in 1980 or 1981. The choice of keys which requires to be pressed at the same time was intended to reboot the system which is difficult to do any performance. The reboot key combination is also sometimes referred to as a “three-fingered salute” but here, I am relating this key to our lives. Some of you may think like my mother that this topic is heavy for my age but friends when we can learn and use this function at this age then why can’t we relate it to life and according to me its related to all the age groups.


Yesterday in one of the movies that I was watching, the female lead of the movie kept saying CTRL+ALT+DEL, CTRL+ALT+DEL, CTRL+ALT+DEL to every difficult situation she faced. This made me thinking the true sense of it, these three words actually hold a parallel meaning to our daily life.

It’s a simple function that we see on our computers each day – but don’t realize how it can literally help us to restart, switch users, shut down or change in our real life.

So why not implement this into our day to day life.
In today’s age where we believe that our emotional intelligence quotient plays a larger role in our quality of relationships and happiness, it’s important that we follow this combination.


If we have had failed in any situation, we should not be discouraged rather we should bounce back with fresh vigour just like we restart the computer by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL when it fails to perform any command and got hung.

There are some situations or people which are toxic and tries to pull us down emotionally. Like in school there are children who try to domineer or belittle others in such cases we can always use the Switch User option through CTRL+ALT+DEL.


As an 11-year-old child, there are so many things to do in a day. my mother’s reminders are always ready for each task like my day starts from morning wake up reminder then shower reminder, breakfast reminder, I card reminder, homework reminder, basketball reminder, go to park reminder, preparing for Orataria reminder till off to bed reminder. I am sure elders in this room can relate with me as you all also have bigger reminders than us. So many open windows at one time, I get perplexed sometimes then I reset myself by pushing the Shut down button so I get an equal and cogent energy to bounce back.


We can’t change anything but ourselves, we need to transform from within to change our outlook to churn out the best for our better and substantial future to look forward.


Currently, the two main streams that our doctors are prescribing for any trouble, one is stress and other is depression, which believe it or not, plays a pivotal role in everyone’s life. For my age of children, this stress often comes in the form of studies, teachers & parents’ expectations. I scored 74 on 80 in science in the last term, my teacher said, “it’s a knocking score Aarav”. Uff…  It is high time we must take the reins of our lives into our own hands. Whether you are a man or a woman, child or a student, all at different phases of life do face the emotional pressure leading to stress and depression.

I was a little shaken to read about my favourite actor Robert Downey Jr. that he was practically jobless due to his drinking and drug addiction because of which he was prisoned several times. The cycle of drugs and jail continued until 2003 when his wife gave him the ultimatum to improve. It was then he decided to press the three-fingered salute of CTRL+ALT+DEL and restarted afresh with a change in his outlook.

Where once he was viewed as toxic, Downey now finds himself in a place where studios and directors are seeking him out. Look at him now – even more powerful, even more, radiant and even more loved.

But what about those people who seldom have anyone around to recognize this emptiness.

For them, it’s themselves who have to act as their own hero. Humans are made to trigger negativity but a true hero is the one who turns this negative and toxic environment into a stepping stone. So, during our most trying times, remember to CTRL and stay calm.


Gone are the days when our future paths were divided only into two. But with today’s technology and contacts we can have many more alternatives then we can opt for. So step up and look we will definitely get a handful of ALTERNATIVES

And last but not least DELETE all the negativity from our life that holds us down. Even if that means deleting negative people out of our life – DO IT! Life is too short to be wasted on negative thoughts, things, and people.

So, CTRL yourself ALT your solutions DEL the stress for a better HEARTWARE.

Thank You…..



‘Traveling- it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.

download (1)

Today I am sharing with you about my exhilarating trip to Goa. The planning of my second visit to Goa started when my mom’s office sponsored her for training in Goa.  Me and my father were planned to join her after five days when her training was ended. Initially, we all were very excited, we all three had different reasons for the excitement of going to Goa.

My mom was excited as it was her first time to travel without us. My father and me had unlimited reasons for excitement. I think you can guess it… yes, It was like a prisoner gets parole.

We thought we would have our set of rules in home for 5 days of rule because the queen was away. I thought I would wander here and there in home with my dirty sport shoes on.  I was in love in the thought of returning home after my basketball class and open the refrigerator without washing hands… and there was no sound coming from behind, “Aarav don’t you dare to touch the fridge before washing your dirty hands” …ufff what a relax man… taking shower or not taking it was entirely my will.

Don’t think that my father had some different reasons to be excited, he had same ditto reasons what I had. it was a great feeling as lion without a ringmaster in a circus.


But those five days without my mom were quite boring. We were eager to reach Goa as soon as possible.

Finally, the day had come when we started our journey to Goa. I was elated to meet my mom and of course to be on the beaches of Goa.

When I put my first step in Goa, a gentle breeze welcomed us on the land of sandy beaches, beautiful villages, delicious seafood, amazing parties, magical vibes and happening nightlife, I was able to feel its beauty.

While travelling from the airport to our resort my father shared the history of Goa. Though I like history but it became more interesting as Goa is my favourite place in India. Panaji is its capital, while Vasco da Gama is its largest city. Goa is a former Portuguese province existed for about 450 years until it was annexed by India on 19 December 1961 when the Indian Army invaded with Operation Vijay resulting in the annexation of Goa.

When we reached to the resort, situated in north Goa, I was happy to see my mom after 5 long days. As I took a walk around the resort, I was amazed to see some unique and colourful plants everywhere. In the resort I also got to know that foreigners are fond of sunbath as they used to lay on the swimming pool lounger whole day under the bright sun whereas my mom stops me playing basketball to avoid skin tanning.


But friends I believe it’s useless to visit Goa without having tanning so we visited many beaches like Anjuna, Baga, Calanguate in north Goa. Visiting the flea market on Wednesday near Anjuna beach was a wonderful experience, many artisans from not just all over India, but also from all over the world set up stalls there. Here you can check out a massive collection of clothes, jewellery, bed sheets, wall hangings, hammocks, etc. The best time to visit the flea market is from 5 pm onwards when the sun is not very strong and shacks play live music. The view of the beautiful sunset from there was heart touching. We had a candlelight dinner on the seashore where waves were touching our feet. We also had a ride on the cruise in Mondovi river where many cultural performances were held.


Moving to South goa, we took a ride to cavelossim beach which is one of the cleanest, the quietest and least populated beach in goa. Cavelossim Beach is filled with white sand and gentle waves. It is one of the most peaceful places to swim, surf and soak up the sun.



There were some water sports like JETSKI, BANANA RIDE, BOAT RIDE, PARASAILING etc. I chose to go with parasailing in which I was 500 ft above the sea level. Launching off of the boat was the most exhilarating feeling I have ever had. I was tied to a parachute and as the boat picked up the speed I went up into the air. It was a feeling of flying, of soaring over the pristine ocean. As the sound of the boat drifted away, I rose slowly higher and higher above the water. The boat below me seemed to get smaller and smaller while the full coastline came into my view. The peacefulness that I felt was like none I have ever experienced, it truly served as a mind opener. Floating over the ocean, watching the amazing sights of the coast, and soaring across the sky made me feel invincible, that I could do or be whomever I wished to. My emotions were a mixture of fear, excitement, and more fear. Feeling the wind on my face and the taste of salty water was remarkably incredible and last experience of my Goa trip.


I didn’t get to know that when these 5 days gone in sightseeing. I wish I could have stayed for a few more days. Next time I will discover those gems which I haven’t this time.  I hope I will visit goa sooner or later.

“Goa is just like that fever, which gets within you at least for a year and you are left with an indefinable emotion. Every time you visit this place, it will fill you with energy”.

Thank you Guys

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The Destruction of a Beautiful Planet


Today, I am going to narrate you all, about a beautiful planet. That planet carries trillions of trees, beautiful creatures, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, Oceans everywhere. There, mountains are touching the clouds and birds chirping at the first ray of sun every day. It is the one and only our blue planet, Earth. But now, the time has changed. I only see the forests of concrete, water trapped in plastic bags, the noise of the morning & evening traffic and huge mountains of garbage. One day, I went on a journey to find the cause of all these problems and I found something surprising. I searched out that it was lack of awareness in people which was leading to the cutting of 15 billion trees per year and generating mountains of garbage which equals to 200 Eiffel Towers.



From the last 10000 years, the earth’s temperature has remained constant. but from the pre-industrial 19th century, the temperature of the earth has risen 1 Degree Celsius and now we are approaching 1.5 Degrees Celsius really fast. If we reach 2 Degree Celsius things would really turn disastrous. You must be thinking that .5 Degree Celsius doesn’t sound much. To put things in perspective at 1.5-degree increase, arctic ice will still be there during most summers. But just a half a degree more and artic summers will be ice-free. That means polar bears, whales, seals and seabirds will lose their habitats, mostly starve to death and go extinct. At 2-degree increase, urban population will be exposed to water shortage. Shimla, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi and so many cities in other countries are already facing water shortage. At one hand, there are going to be severe droughts, while on the other, sea level will rise which would result in flooding of coastal cities, small island countries will vanish from the face of the earth. India and Maldives have already lost a few small islands due to global warming. At 1.5 degree 6% insects, 8% plants and 4% vertebrates will go extinct from the face of the earth. But just .5 degrees rise in temperature and these numbers will increase very much. This means that climate change is really happening.

Even if we fulfil all the promises of Paris agreement still the temperature of the earth will rise by 3 degrees by the end of the century. When India gained independence from the British empire each person had 5000 cubics. litres of water but now it has decreased by 1500 cubic. litres. India itself dumps 60% of world plastic in oceans and by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish in it. The main root of these problems is population. In the last 200000 years the human population had reached 1 billion but from the last 200 years, the human population has reached 7.5 billion. By 2021, India will be the most populated country in the world which will affect our environment. This shows the seriousness with which we are dealing with the issue at hand. We have still some time to save it from becoming worse by taking actions right now.

First, we must spread more and more awareness of this issue to the people around us. Second, to stand up together to save our mother earth by planting more and more trees, saving water and electricity, using an alternate source of energy like wind and solar energy, avoid wastage of anything which requires natural resources and energy to produce. Here, I like to emphasize that we should think wisely when we shop unlimited apparels, home accessories or any other thing as excessive possession of these things ultimately leads to more destruction of our natural resources and creates lots of wastage & pollution in this process. Let’s gift our future generations Green, beautiful & Healthy Planet otherwise they are the ones who are going to suffer because of our ignorance and carelessness. We do not have much time to wait and waste. So, my dear friends, we have only one planet to keep us alive, we should not miss a chance to save it to make a better place.

Let’s not destruct earth, let’s construct Earth.

Thank you.




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Life Without Water??


On one pleasant day, I was relaxing in my room and was seeing clouds through the window which is usually my favourite time pass. In a couple of minutes, a thought came into my mind that clouds are made from evaporated water. Suddenly, a question struck my brain that what if this cycle stops? How will be The Life Without Water?

Then, I asked this question to my friends. It took them long to answer, but the results I got were not satisfying. As somebody answered that if the water will be finished then the whole species will die whereas, another one said that if water will be finished then humans will make a rocket and find another planet to live. Then I tried to find answers by myself and the journey of finding answers started.


My thoughts were funny as well as alarming. I felt that the absence of water will lead to nuclear wars, killing many innocent lives. There will be a tussle between public and government to provide more water to the public. I think the Earth will not remain a halcyon place where anyone would want to live. There will be water banks, people would have water saving accounts to store water. At that time, thieves will not steal money they will steal water bottles.  All the wells will be dried up. All the living species will die as water will not be available. Without water, there will be no trees to give oxygen and to absorb pollutants. Water will be more precious than gold. The government would make a rule to take bath twice or thrice in a week. The government would make their own shops to supply water containers or bottles. There will be a rule that whosoever, misuses the water will be fined. In school, kids will not carry water bottles they will carry water capsules. The place where calm rivers and beautiful lakes are seen today huge slopes of sand would be seen later. All sea creatures, mammals, domestic and wild animals would die. No shadows of trees, greenery could be seen except sadness, violence and Barren Lands.


Entire mother nature that was created a billion years ago we have destroyed it in just in a few centuries. Let’s imagine it in this way if the earth has been created 60 minutes ago, nature has been created 48 minutes ago and human civilisation has started 8 minutes ago. In those 8 minutes, we have destroyed the whole mother nature.


We should start saving water now otherwise we will repent for wasting it. In my opinion, we should get inextricable to find ways and means to save water and use it wisely.

My great-grandfather saw flowing water in rivers, my grandfather saw it in well, my father saw it in tap and I am seeing it in the bottle. Where would our next generation see water? Maybe in a capsule! What do you think that it is an imagination or a reality? I think that it is a harsh truth.


Now, when you know the consequences of wasting water and the life without water then you can visualize the situation of our future.  We, humans, waste water but still, we want water to exist forever. The only thing we don’t understand is that humans are not a god who can produce water. If you don’t want my imagination to become reality then please save water for the betterment of our future generation and the environment. Let’s take a pledge to save water so that such situations do not arise in our coming future.






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Let Me Bloom….

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India a land of Traditions, Cultures, Conceptions, and a lot more. I am a proud citizen of this country.  When I was 6 years I participated in a poem recitation competition, my parents introduced a topic of Female infanticide to me for the competition. Though I was too small to understand this serious issue but its crux stuck to my mind even at that tender age that a Girl is killed just after she takes birth in the womb of her mother, forget that people even allow her to take birth on this earth. I asked my parents Why? Why it happens to girls, I was aghast to know that a Girl is known as a burden to the family. I am shattered to know that how a girl can be a burden to anyone when she can make someone happy with her smile, her care, affection and kindness can touch the bottom of your heart.

Today A girl is forging ahead in everything. She is no more limited to the four walls of her house. She is a Chef, Doctor, Teacher, Minister, she can be in any field and achieve a lot. She is a complete package of Perfection.

Even though India is the religious country which believes in Lakshmi – the goddesses of wealth, Sarasvati – the goddesses of knowledge, Durga- the killer of evil; who all are worshipped being females with high respect and devotion, but why it doesn’t happen in real life?

Image result for female infanticide

Why the girl child is denied of the basic human right of taking birth. Every year we see 1/3rd of Girl Child deaths in India at the time of birth. 10 million girls have been killed in the past 20 years and still the number is increasing. Its believed that every year 12million girls are born in our country but only 1/3rd of them can survive. Some are killed in the womb, some at the time of birth, some die due to ill health and malnutritional. And only a few survive till their 15th birthday. The number is falling, in 2011 we had 879 girls per 1000 boys whereas in 1961 it was 976 girls per 1000 boys.

Image result for female infanticide

Here, it is important to know that without a girl our family is incomplete as we do need a mother, a sister, a friend, a wife to complete our family. Our families can’t grow as we need a girl to carry forward our generations.

Many people think Girl Child is a boon to them and many still think that she is a bane. The girl is a mother who takes care of her children in every part of life, she is the one who gives life how can we take hers? Women are the pillars of the society then how can she be a bane?

We should step up together to save girls, the government should make the law stricter for female infanticide and ensure their safety. Every parent should educate their boys to respect women and stand against the crime for women.

Children are a special gift from the Almighty to a family and particularly a girl child is a wonderful boon because the birth of a girl child is a symbol of prosperity. Everybody should respect them and treat them equal as she is the future of the nation.

“Without a girl, our house, our society and the whole world is incomplete”



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